05 June 2010

Just riding the wave. . .

No earth shattering news to report. Things remain on the status quo.

Yesterday, I was having a dead foot. I can always tell when one day is a little worse than the others by how I walk. Sometimes, after I push off, my foot just decides it's going to drop. Mostly I just end up dragging my toe, but yesterday, I almost did a gainer. I saved it, so no falling but ESPN plays of the week it was not.

I decided to put laminate flooring in one of the rooms of my house. 60 square feet. Under normal circumstances, it probably should have only taken a couple of hours to lay it down. Given that the MS affects mostly my legs, it took twice that. I emptied out the room, cleaned the bare floor and laid down about half before my legs started to fail me. After a 30 minute break, I was ready to go, did a couple more rows and needed another break. After I finally finished, there wasn't enough strength in my legs to take everything back in and it wasn't a lot. After a couple hours, I was able to move everything back in.

One unforeseen circumstance is that all the sawing and hammering freaked my scaredy cat cat. The front half of the house is carpet and the back half is tile and now laminate. Their food and litter box is in the back half. After all that, she wouldn't get off the carpet and has been totally frightened of everything in the house. It's been a slow progression of getting her back to the back of the house. My male Maine Coon was totally unaffected by it all and as typical of Maine Coons offered his "help" by laying where ever I needed to be. He seems to love the floor because he runs full tilt and then does a 180 spin. Crazy cats.

I saw an article on a dietary supplement called Prevagen. It contains some protein harvested from jellyfish called aequorin. It's supposed to slow the progression of aging of brain cells and help memory and cognitive function. It also has some affect on neurological diseases. Always leery of naturalist medicine, I took to the Internet for some research. Bottom line, it doesn't do crap for memory, but there may be some benefit for neurological diseases. So I thought I would try it. After a couple days, it seemed that the tingles I had throughout my legs was a little less. Or it could be psychosomatic. Regardless, there was a difference. It probably doesn't really work, but I though I would try it for a couple months and see.

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