20 June 2009

So Much For The Summer

For most of last summer, it was business as usual: I played volleyball, I ran, I enjoyed the outside. This past week, Saint Louis have been under a heat warning and will be into at least the middle of next week with temps in the mid to upper 90's and humidity pushing the heat index to over 100.

Conventional wisdom is that hot weather and MS don't mix. No kidding. I certainly found that out with spending 10 minutes outside. Left leg went all spastic and my right hand went numb. Hello air conditioning.

Nothing really new to report. I had a great bruise on my left leg about the size of my hand from the shots. If I would have thought about it, I could have taken a picture to share with the class.

12 June 2009

Pardon the Interruption

I don't mean to interrupt this prolonged silence, but I thought I'd better write before people thought I was dead.

It's been almost three months since my last post. I haven't really been motivated to do much of anything. The little that I was working out passed by the wayside. Cardio is hard to do when you can't really do what you need to. Work has been so busy lately that by the end of the day, I can't wait to get home and chill.

The injections are going as advertised. Nice bump for about an hour followed by a nice red splotch for a few days. The places where I do have fat doesn't itch much. The injections into the muscle itch crazily. The closest I can compare it to is chicken pox. It itches, but scratch it and it itches like crazy. Injections into the muscle hurt.

Anything physical, I usually pay the price for the next day. Last weekend I probably have done the most in a long time. I helped a friend do some construction on the playground for his kids and then played some volleyball after. The next day I did some more manual labor. I had a two hour nap in the afternoon and was asleep for the night by 10:00.

The helpline from Shared Solutions calls every month. Which is fine, but utterly pointless. There's not a lot that they can say that hasn't already been said. "Do you rotate your injection sites? Are you going shallow or deep with the injections? Do you use the auto-injector or do it manually? Do you heat the area before and ice it down after? Are you missing injections?" The list could go own, but again, utterly pointless.

My lack of motivation has become a driving force and it sucks, but for right now I just don't care.