31 July 2009

And Now For The News . . .

I had my MRI Monday on my C-spine. I know that the technicians are supposed to be pleasant and helpful and trying to put the patient at ease but one would assume that when said person asks said patient "Oh, it looks like you have had a few MRI's . . ." with a response of "Four in two years" we could dispense with the BS. I don't need the walk through, I don't need you to ask about how I am doing, just get going and get it over with. Especially when the thing is only going to last 45 minutes.

Got the call about the results the next morning. No new scar tissue on my neck and the two spots on my C2 and C3 have shrunk even more since my last scan in February. Good news but WTF is up with my hand? Unless there's scarring some place else.

Strange of all strange, as soon as the call was over, my hand got getter. Not 100% better, but certainly noticeable.

21 July 2009

Ho Hum

I had my periodic check up with my neurologist today. For some reason, I was just very anxious about it. Probably because I had a relapse so soon after starting a new medication. She had a new resident with her today, so I had a little more attention than normal. Which is fine. It doesn't really bother me. My hyper-reflexes in my legs weren't so hyper this time. Some of my other reflexes were spread: Tap my bicep and my fingers twitch. I had to close my eyes and touch my nose. I got the side of it with my right hand and got the tip with my left. After the once through it came time to discuss what to do.

I have another MRI scheduled for Monday. When it comes to MS, the first assumption with any new symptom is that it's MS. My hand could be carpal tunnel, but is probably another relapse. We're going to hold off on another round of steroids for right now and see if my hand will clear up on it's own. The doctor finally came to the conclusion that the mega-doses of steroids in tablet form really don't do anything for me. If it doesn't get better in a month, we'll do another round of IV's followed by a taper.

No doctor likes to continually change medications to see what works. So Tysabri is back on the table. According the doctor, I am an excellent candidate for it. Am I an excellent candidate for PML as well? There is always that question: "What if?"

What if I don't go on Tysabri?

What if I do go on Tysabri?

These are the heavy questions that I left the office with. Needless to say, my dower mood from before hasn't really changed. It's a good thing I get my hair colored or else my grey hair would really be showing.

12 July 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Last Friday was my birthday. My body gave me a present of my very own. For a few days prior, my hand would tingle a little and then go away. Not that it was completely out of the norm. Then finally, it stayed and progressively got worse. Just transfer the way my legs and feet feel and transfer it to my right hand. The tips of my fingers are the worst, my knuckles are stiff and the rest of my hand just feels swollen. I have my next check up with my neurologist tuesday week.

I think this is the lowest I've felt since first getting diagnosed.