23 June 2008

Pontification for the masses

This week won't be exactly on topic and that's okay. Last week was a little rough. I played volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday was better than Tuesday, but that person that was graceful and light on their feet is no more. I fall down like a house of bricks and can't pop up like I used to. Such is life.

I missed my shot time on Wednesday by three hours. I don't know if I paid the price for the next day or not, but I felt like crap. It was either that or my allergies or both. Friday's, as always, are the enjoyable shot days. It was in my left leg which is the worse out of the two. I think I could jab myself with a screwdriver and I wouldn't feel it.

Saturday was a sad and depressing day. I held and fed a three week old little girl. The mother . . . a child herself. "Sins of the father . . . " is just as applicable to mother's as well. The new grandmother, age 35, gave birth to her child at 18. Said child gave birth at 17. What does the future hold for this little one?

When one has an outside perspective, it's possible to see things coming a long way off. Not that I am expert in raising a child, far from it. I have coached enough children to know a problem when it exists. Only to late did the mother realize her child was on the wrong path. By that time, at age 15, she was beyond reach and help. Nobody is beyond help, but when the person to provide it is lacking in a moral compass and is just a self centered as her daughter, what help is there?

Where does everything stand now? The mother of this precious child no longer has custody. DFS has awarded custody to another relative. Sadly, the mother probably does not care. "I have been relieved of burden." The selfish always turn things around to fit themselves. This self centered child will undoubtedly change this around to fit her own purposes. "Poor me, my child was taken away . . . pity me and adore me for I am the down trodden!!"

This tiny little baby has a very uncertain future ahead of her. It is very likely that the mother was a druggie. Only time will tell if there is any permanent damage. She is active and does cry, but at three weeks who is to say if that is a good sign or not.

I feel sorry for this little girl because nobody should have to grow up in such a situation. As I said, sad and depressing.

In that theme: White Lion - When the Children Cry.

17 June 2008

"On the dark side of the moon . . ."

Such is summer . . . the time of being busy and just hanging out, spur of the moment plans and enjoying the moment.

The shots went okay last Monday and Friday. Wednesday's almost made my knees buckle it hurt so bad. Thursday, I did something I haven't done in a long time. I left work, went to the courts and played volleyball for a couple hours, went to the Y, played in a league game, went and got some dinner and then went back and played some more sand. Friday was a little rough but it was worth it.

Today, I played again and played horrible. Not that anyone else could do any better. It could be that I am just out of practice. Fundamentals are called that because they are fundamental. When I was at the top of my game, the fundamentals were things that I didn't have to think about. Feet placement: perfect; balance: perfect; court vision and court sense: perfect. Today, I had to think about all of those things before I did them.

I did show some signs of past glory. I had a one handed back set that went from zone four to nine. As usual with those sets, not only did I fake out the other team, but my team as well. Then I had an open hand dig on a driven ball.

On the home front . . . the parents put a contract down on a house today. It's everything that I hate. It's a gated community, high gabled roof, the street name is the typical manufactured, symbiotic to the name of community, the typical, cookie cutter house. It does have some character to it, but it lacks vision. A house isn't just four walls, a door and windows.

Since no artist of the week last week . . . this week we'll go with Siouxsie and the Banshee's. 'Nuff said.

08 June 2008

The Liberation Has Begun

It's been a rather busy week. My parents have begun their pre-move move. They left Friday in search of their new abode and the transfer for theirs to mine has begun. The man-cave is being renovated which began on Thursday with the delivery of my 52 inch flat screen TV and stand along with the new X-Box on Friday. Before this, I already bought the Blu-ray. One word: WOW.

Yesterday, I had a wedding to attend. The first week in June is usually one of two things: hot or moderate with the weekend just the exact opposite. Yesterday was hotter then hell. Most weddings, guys can dispense with the sport coat and just wear a tie and button down. Needless to say, I was hot. Also, I was over dressed. One guy walked into the church in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. WTF?

I got to spend some time with two people that I haven't spent time with in a while since my life changed. Add two more people two the list that know. As always, the reactions were wide spread: Oh, that sucks, I'm sorry. The other person is a year away from graduating med school and she didn't have a lot to say other then ask how I dealt with the side affects from the interferon. Sometimes it's just nice to receive that knowing look without having to go through a lengthy explanation. Then there's always that: I have it, but I don't explanation as well.

Anyway, today I was pretty tired and it doesn't have anything to do with the MS. It was just a busy weekend and going to bed late and waking up annoyingly early didn't help. Shots this week went okay. I have a nice bruise on my stomach. Haven't had one of those in a while. If there's anything enjoyable about my injections it's Friday's. Friday's I shoot myself in the leg. Since my left one is the worse one as far as the tingles go, I hardly feel it.

01 June 2008

I Dipped My Toe In And The Water Was Warm . . .

To the masses that are reading this ;-) I haven't written in a couple weeks because there hasn't been a lot to say. The sameness of the days tends to run together and there's nothing new to report. Last weekend my allergies were out of this world. There wasn't a lot going on for the holiday weekend thankfully enough. Last week, much of the same: I worked out and I shot up.

Today, I bucked up the courage and went and played volleyball. As my previous writings revealed, it's difficult knowing how one once played versus how one plays now. They only difference between then and now is that I am just rusty. All the important things are still there, it's just the fine tuning that needs to be worked on.

Now that I've dipped my toe in and the water is fine, it's time to play again.

Artist of the week . . .

Two bands that helped to make CBGB's what it was: The Ramones and Blondie.