01 June 2008

I Dipped My Toe In And The Water Was Warm . . .

To the masses that are reading this ;-) I haven't written in a couple weeks because there hasn't been a lot to say. The sameness of the days tends to run together and there's nothing new to report. Last weekend my allergies were out of this world. There wasn't a lot going on for the holiday weekend thankfully enough. Last week, much of the same: I worked out and I shot up.

Today, I bucked up the courage and went and played volleyball. As my previous writings revealed, it's difficult knowing how one once played versus how one plays now. They only difference between then and now is that I am just rusty. All the important things are still there, it's just the fine tuning that needs to be worked on.

Now that I've dipped my toe in and the water is fine, it's time to play again.

Artist of the week . . .

Two bands that helped to make CBGB's what it was: The Ramones and Blondie.

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