23 June 2008

Pontification for the masses

This week won't be exactly on topic and that's okay. Last week was a little rough. I played volleyball on Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday was better than Tuesday, but that person that was graceful and light on their feet is no more. I fall down like a house of bricks and can't pop up like I used to. Such is life.

I missed my shot time on Wednesday by three hours. I don't know if I paid the price for the next day or not, but I felt like crap. It was either that or my allergies or both. Friday's, as always, are the enjoyable shot days. It was in my left leg which is the worse out of the two. I think I could jab myself with a screwdriver and I wouldn't feel it.

Saturday was a sad and depressing day. I held and fed a three week old little girl. The mother . . . a child herself. "Sins of the father . . . " is just as applicable to mother's as well. The new grandmother, age 35, gave birth to her child at 18. Said child gave birth at 17. What does the future hold for this little one?

When one has an outside perspective, it's possible to see things coming a long way off. Not that I am expert in raising a child, far from it. I have coached enough children to know a problem when it exists. Only to late did the mother realize her child was on the wrong path. By that time, at age 15, she was beyond reach and help. Nobody is beyond help, but when the person to provide it is lacking in a moral compass and is just a self centered as her daughter, what help is there?

Where does everything stand now? The mother of this precious child no longer has custody. DFS has awarded custody to another relative. Sadly, the mother probably does not care. "I have been relieved of burden." The selfish always turn things around to fit themselves. This self centered child will undoubtedly change this around to fit her own purposes. "Poor me, my child was taken away . . . pity me and adore me for I am the down trodden!!"

This tiny little baby has a very uncertain future ahead of her. It is very likely that the mother was a druggie. Only time will tell if there is any permanent damage. She is active and does cry, but at three weeks who is to say if that is a good sign or not.

I feel sorry for this little girl because nobody should have to grow up in such a situation. As I said, sad and depressing.

In that theme: White Lion - When the Children Cry.

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