08 June 2008

The Liberation Has Begun

It's been a rather busy week. My parents have begun their pre-move move. They left Friday in search of their new abode and the transfer for theirs to mine has begun. The man-cave is being renovated which began on Thursday with the delivery of my 52 inch flat screen TV and stand along with the new X-Box on Friday. Before this, I already bought the Blu-ray. One word: WOW.

Yesterday, I had a wedding to attend. The first week in June is usually one of two things: hot or moderate with the weekend just the exact opposite. Yesterday was hotter then hell. Most weddings, guys can dispense with the sport coat and just wear a tie and button down. Needless to say, I was hot. Also, I was over dressed. One guy walked into the church in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. WTF?

I got to spend some time with two people that I haven't spent time with in a while since my life changed. Add two more people two the list that know. As always, the reactions were wide spread: Oh, that sucks, I'm sorry. The other person is a year away from graduating med school and she didn't have a lot to say other then ask how I dealt with the side affects from the interferon. Sometimes it's just nice to receive that knowing look without having to go through a lengthy explanation. Then there's always that: I have it, but I don't explanation as well.

Anyway, today I was pretty tired and it doesn't have anything to do with the MS. It was just a busy weekend and going to bed late and waking up annoyingly early didn't help. Shots this week went okay. I have a nice bruise on my stomach. Haven't had one of those in a while. If there's anything enjoyable about my injections it's Friday's. Friday's I shoot myself in the leg. Since my left one is the worse one as far as the tingles go, I hardly feel it.

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