27 April 2010

Ooops, forgot to write

I kept meaning to write, but alas, I kept forgetting to. It's not like there was anything to really update however.

I had a check-up in March and my worries about a relapse turned false. I was just really tired from a back-to-back cold. Chest cold that turned into a head cold. Two weeks of fighting of a cold took it out of me. As apposed to last year wear I had a cold every other week. That was because of the Rebif and being on it for over a year. The check-up went fine. I finally sucked up my pride and asked for a doctor's note so I could wear running shoes to work instead of somewhat dress shoes for business casual. Since I had those two relapses one right after the other over a year ago, anything other than athletic shoes feels like I'm wearing barbed wire. But working for a corporation means that nobody can make a decision no matter how mundane it is without CYA. If I didn't have to work to have health insurance I would have quit a while ago.

I took a week off work to recharge the batteries since it was desperately needed. I packed up the HUMMER and went to Louisiana. Nine hour driving trip sucks under the best of circumstances. Nine hour trip on two hours of sleep. . . Stupid MS and those middle of the night bathroom calls. I woke up with that urgent need and couldn't get back to sleep after that, so three in the morning, I left. Nine hour drive is long, nine hour drive with a six pound cat on you lap for most of the trip kills the legs. It was all worth it because that night we ordered 60 pounds of crayfish. They were so good, my lips were still number from the spices four hours after I got done eating.

Not much else happened since then. I did wake up this morning with hardly any tingles in my legs and feet and there was barely any spasticity in my legs. It lasted for most of the day. It was good feeling, albeit short lived.

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