01 November 2008

Another Long While

Just like the title says it's been a while. Not much has changed. . . things suck. I still have the tingles, the tightness, all that other stuff. So . . . is it the myelitis or is it the MS? Part of me says the myelitis but the other part says MS. Not that it's an impossibility, but it just seems strange that I would get an exacerbation in the same spot that if have inflammation from the myelitis. It's not as bad as when I first went to the neurologist, but it's close.

I'm just in a down turn. My motivation to do anything is non-existent. I haven't been working out. I always go through cycles but it's just been harder this time to get back into it.

It's been a while since I've done a "My favorite singer/band" so hears another one: Charlotte Church.

She's kinda of faded into anonymity in this country, but she's still popular in Great Britain. She started out as a wee little girl with a huge soprano voice. She's done mostly opera and classical, but she did come out with a pop album three years ago. Listening to it, one would never know it was her. She has or had her own talk show, had her fair share of run-ins with the press, but she's come through it all. She has bigger balls than some men. She's 22 now, mother to one with another on the way.

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