26 January 2009

As if it was going to be a suprise

As always, thanks for the person that responded in support of Tysabri. usually, I research the heck of something before typing out loud about what I'm thinking. It was a week moment. So, again, thanks for the information.

Last week was the marathon week that started off on such a lovely note. In home care called and arranged for a time for the nurse to come for my infusion: 3:30 to 4:30. At 2;30, nurse calls and says I need directions. Then the oh crap thought hits. She might be on her way. And she was and by the time I got there at 3:20, she was ticked. Not my fault.

Took two sticks to get the line in. Then the fun began. Solumedrol is such a wonderful thing. Instant help. Of course, when there's enough prednisone to jump start a car. . . As usual, most people at work forgot that I had this once before, so the questions started. By now word had spread about the MS, but most people still don't know. Standard response: It's just a cath tube for an IV.

Thursday: MRI. Another catch. Insurance companies in their infinite wisdom over business practices vs health chose not to authorize contrast in the MRI. Instead of 3 to 4 hours inside, I did 90 minutes. "Your doctor will fight it out with the insurance company and we'll get you back in here." "Probably Monday on your results." Damned if they didn't call on Friday after business hours were over and I missed the call.

Called today at 10:00. The results: As if it was going to be a surprise. Lesions on C2 and C3 have shrunk and you have a new lesion on T6. You don't have to have the follow up contrast, keep up with the steroids and your injections, keep your appointment and call if anything changes.

Had to tell the parents, since they kind of suspected something since I wasn't working at the other job as much as I should. Instant worry. Instant regrets.

Stay tuned.

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