15 February 2009

Remember, Remember

Been off the steroids for three days. So far . . . okay. Not 100% nor will ever be but I'm living with it. On my left hand, the tips of my little and ring finger get a little tingly and my right hand while not as bad as it was still has the swollen feeling, but so far hit hasn't gotten stiff like before. Legs and everything are better than they were and are actually manageable. I'm walking faster, my balance is better. I actually wore shoes that weren't running shoes. Although, long socks was still like sliding on razor blades and after a while, the shoes were like walking on hot glass shards.

Steroids do wonders but 25 days on limited sleep and super appetite leave a lot to be desired. Thursday was the last tablet. Friday night I didn't crash, Saturday on the other hand . . . I think I was asleep longer than I was awake. It took me 12 hours to do 3 loads of laundry. Two naps that went over two hours plus a decent nights sleep and then going to bed early.

All in all, I feel better than have since September. The sad part is that I guess this is probably as good as it's ever going to get. People say do be so pessimistic, but I'm just being pragmatic. You can't change the damage that's already been.

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Amelia said...

Hi there,
I am glad the steroids seem to have had some positive effect, even if it's not the miracle cure we all hold out for.
I get pain in my wedding ring finger. I am now getting a similar sensation in my right hand too.
Your description of the sensation in your feet and legs sound so familiar to me. The shards of glass - I have been saying recently that every time I walk it feels as though I am walking on crushed glass.
I wouldn't say you are being pessimistic, just practical. That is the unfortunate reality of this frustrating illness.
I hope you are getting some relief though. I look forward to following your progress.
Amelia XxXxX