12 March 2009

Updated News

Good job ManU in the 2-0 win over Inter and Ronaldo scored a goal in a big game. Shut up critics.

I had my "check up" with the neurologist today. She was pleasantly surprised that the steroids helped as much as they did. I still have some spacicity in my legs but nothing compared to two to months ago. Back then just image pulling a rubber band as tight as possible and trying to do something with it.

I've been searching for the proper phrase and I think it's irony. Her concern is that my exacerbation's are on my spinal cord rather than other places in my CNS. Is there any good spot to have an exacerbation? Anyway there were two small spots on my T6 that would explain the symptoms for this last go around. Given that fact that's where the myelitis is/was: no kidding those are consistent symptoms.

We are changing meds though: Copaxone. Thankfully, I won't have to go through the months of flu like symptoms and will have to worry site reactions and shooting up every day. We did talk about some of the new meds on the horizon. As usual with anything in the states it takes forever for the FDA to give approval so right now looks like 18 months minimum before it gets to market.

There's a couple oral drugs but nothing particular on if its in conjunction with another drug or taken singly. There's a drug that will help with walking that can be taken in conjunction with other meds. Another infusion that's taken once a year that is supposed to reduce exacerbation's by 80%. Nothing definitive on that yet.

I go back in 4 months unless something changes.

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Richie said...

Man U fan? from what part of Manchester... anyway good luck with the new meds. I have been reading about the new oral drugs coming through, I hope the optimism is well founded... Five trophies in one season is just showing off! You must be one of those ignorant people who think following a team is about enjoying yourself...
I just remembered my team has a 100% record over Manchester United- we have beaten you every game we have played! Super Shrimpers!