09 October 2009

Didn't Realize it had been so long

No news is good news as the saying goes.

I guess after a time, one gets used to the pain of the injections or something. Whatever it is, either I'm used to the pain or they just don't hurt any longer.

I really haven't been doing much of anything. I was going to start working out again after Labor Day, but then I was going down to Louisiana the last week of September. So why start working out when was just going to have to take a week off. Which would have turned to two weeks off. But more on that later. I know it's pure procrastination.

I did manage to drive the nine hours to my parents. With two cats. Without any problems. The cats were a bit mouthy for an hour or so and then settled down. Into the smallest space they could find. When we got there, Logan was easy to get out. Sadie crawled under the drivers seat, dug her claws into the carpet and wedged herself around one of the horizontal supports. Took 20 minutes to get her out. Coming back though, placed towels underneath the seats. Take that.

I managed to drink for four consecutive days with my parents neighbors who are younger than me. Doesn't matter though, we fight right in. As to be expected, the MS questions always arise. Although, I was slightly surprised at my dad's reaction about me having the option to go on Tysabri. The death rate wasn't that big a deal. Maybe it was positive thinking, maybe not.

Since I haven't been able to play volleyball for really almost a year and half since my relapse last
September pretty much ended that hope, I've been just lost. When you do something competitive for over half your life and suddenly it's gone, there's a huge part missing. I loved that I was good at something and excelled at it. I loved the competition almost as much. My mom and dad joined a gun club. It is Louisiana after all. I haven't shot pistol since I was a kid and it was never paper targets. Always an empty can in the middle of a dirt road out in the middle of no where. I had always shot air pistol and rifle at home. Get a trap and fire away.

I forgot how much fun it is. I've been thinking about buying a handgun for a while and my state does have conceal/carry. Just to see how I would do on the shooting test, I moved the target the 21 feet down range and would have qualified easily. Not that 21 feet is a great distance. Then, I moved the target as far as it would go and started doing double taps. Wider disbursement but not bad. When I got home, I unloaded truck, dropped the kitties off and when to my truck dealer and bought a Beretta 92. I've wanted this pistol since I had it as an air pistol. Haven't shot it yet, but soon.

I think I have found something to replace the volleyball. It takes skill to be able to hold a gun steady and put a round right where you want it. It's something that I can take pride in just as much as I took pride at volleyball.

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