22 January 2010

I'm Still Alive

Yes, I know I haven't written in quite some time. The truth is, I really haven't had anything to write about. No news is good news.

The shots are pretty much the same. I occasionally am late with one. Not to often though.

The muscle spacticity is pretty much the same. Some days are worse than others.

Bladder . . . Well, we can all attest to that. Most of the time, it's a sprint to the bathroom only to have the sensation go away by the time I get there. Then it's a ten minute . . .

I thought I might have had a relapse a few weeks ago. If it was, it was the smallest ever. I couldn't really tell, but the tip of my little finger on my left hand felt tingly. Whenever something happens we automatically think MS.

Still have that same feeling that I am wasting my life away having to work. Some days it's not so much, other's days it's WTF?

I've lost 10 pounds just by eating a little better. I'm sure if I want to get back into my Hugo Boss skinny jeans, I'm going to have to get off my ass and work out again.

I still try and shoot at least once a week. That thrill of being good at something again just didn't come. I had to work to get good at volleyball and then I had to work to stay good at it. After a certain point it's just embroidery. Shooting is the some way. Once I got used to my pistol I was putting the shots in the X Ring and 9 ring. All qualifying rounds. I could shoot more and get a tighter cluster but . . .

In economics there is a theory called Economies of Scale. Basically, it's producing more for less. I compare the Economies of Scale of volleyball to shooting. For an indoor volleyball tourney, $13 for the entrance fee, $20 for food during the tourney and then another $20-$30 afterwards for dinner and alcohol. At the most $63 for 12 hours on a good day.

Shooting: Box of 50 9mm target rounds: $15 or so. Give or take a dollar here and there depending on brand and load. $2 for targets. I usually expend about 120 rounds in about 45 minutes. Have to let the barrel cool off. Grand total about $40 for less than an hour. Olympic target shooter I have no desire to be.

I go back to my neuro on March. Since the last area that was MRI'ed wasn't where I had the relapse, I'm sure I'm due for another when I go back.

No news is good news.

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