13 February 2008


Just a couple of updates . . . From Monday's shot, I have a dime sized bruise. It is a lovely shade of puple with just a tinge of green. Such a lovely color for the coming spring.

Myelitis . . . still there, this week doesn't seem to be as bad. Still can't do anything really active or else my coordination goes down hill.

As tomorrow is Valentines Day, just a paragraph on the most commercial of all commercial holidays. Such has the holiday become that it stresses everyone out that has someone in their life. What do I get for that special someone? On the flip side, for those that don't have someone in their lives, all the forced commercialism makes said people constantly aware of how alone they really are.

As one girlfriend once said "Happy singles awareness day!" As another said "Don't you dare get me anything for Valentines day. If you truly care about me, there's 364 other days that you can and should show it. You shouldn't feel obligated just because everyone else does and if you don't show it the other 364 days, why are we together?"

Think and ponder.

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