03 February 2008

Superbowl Sunday

There was absolutely nothing on TV today unless you wanted to watch the NFL pre-game that started about . . . last week. I haven't been to much of a pro football fan since college. I've always looked college football and the what the rest of the world calls football. As much as the commercials are good, they aren't worth having to sit through 3 hours of mindless bable form the announcers. Plus, I really didn't care about the teams. Although, given what happened with the Patriots this year, I didn't want them to win.

There is a saying in sports: "If your not cheating, you not playing." In baseball, it's about trying to steal signs. On problem, you may know your going to be thrown a fastball but you still have to hit it. Knowing the formation of the defense and arranging your pass routes to put receivers where the defense isn't makes catching the football that much easier. Congrats to the Giants.

On to me . . .

I've gotten used to the fact that every day is different. The myelitis makes waking up an adventure. For about the last week, every day is just a little bit better and then today happens. It's never as bad as before the second round of steroids, but bad enough that those thoughts of "if it gets just a little bit better, I'll be able to do all the old things that I used to do." I've given up on those thoughts a long time ago, but there is always that hope.

Hope that it will all go away, hope that it will go away enough that I can run or play volleyball, hope that the MS will never present, hope that hope will eventually pay off.

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