31 January 2008

Crisis Averted

Update on the Rebif. . .

Monday is always a busy day at work so I didn't get a chance to call the pharmacy. Tueday I did. Some how, some way, they gave me the wrong fax number. Called the doctor's office for the third time. "Didn't we already fax this twice?"

Less than 24 hours later, the pharmacy was calling to arrange shipment and I got it today. 3 months worth. With a little added bonus. Something to make you feel your insurance company is working for you. The first time, the pharmacy just sent me a bill for $90. This time it was chocked full of information. It was like a Mastercard commercial:

Market Price: $6,800
Our Price: $5,300
Your Price: $150
We saved you $5,150
Knowing that your semi-protected from any future flare-ups: We'll bill you!!!

Overall, I missed one shot and delayed another 24 hours. It still hurts like hell. My six day vacation is over. It's not back to the waiting game of "if and when." It's just that every other day reminder when I have to give myself a shot.

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