15 January 2008

Another Day, Another Injection

Not much to report. I felt better Sunday, but was so drained from Saturday, I really didn't feel like doing anything Yesterday was pure hell. I was back to feeling bad. I still had the headache that started Friday night. I didn't sleep well either. The myelitis was making my feet burn. All day I was dreading that syringe awaiting me when I got home. If I felt this bad after almost three days, what was another dose going to do to me?

Surprising enough, I felt better after the shot. The shot itself, still hurts like a mother. I iced up the site for 10 minutes and it still burned going in. My problem is I don't have enough injectionable fat. I was an athlete and still consider myself one. The only fat I have is on my backside and my waistline. Everything else is solid muscle.

Anyway, today, I had the usual joint pain and the "my skin hurts to touch" usual flu feeling. After a couple ibuprofen, I was back to normal. It was just another day, another injection.

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