02 January 2008

Thank You Sir, May I Have Enother

Definately a hot poker. This time, where I shot myself, add a jackhammer on top off it. I told another person I had MS today. She, like everyone else, even myself, asked "What is it?" Strangely enough, she said she knew two other people that had been diagnosed. Living in New York City, and both individuals were women, it's statistically possible. Not that it's a lucky thing, but how does one person now know three people and I don't know any?

Vacation over . . . back to work. That place we go on a daily basis. But to what end? We all work because we have to. We have bills to pay, we have a lifestyle that we must support, a family to support. But does it mean anything? Do we make a difference? Does any one really see what we do?

How many sayings come to mind? The sqeaky wheel gets the grease, a raised nail gets the hammer . . . and so many others. I say: Dare to be Different. Never be conformist.

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