08 January 2008

Sleep . . . We don't need no stinking sleep

Not a lot to write today. No site reaction to the shot and felt just a little bad, but that could be because it's the second night that I consistently woke up every two hours. We had a huge storm system that came in . . . thunder, lightening, everything that usually makes me sleep. But not used to it in January.

I kinda lost it at work today. We changed insurance carriers at the beginning of the year. It has it's positives and negatives. Of course nobody ever mentions the positives. Everybody was bitching about their prescriptions and how much they cost now compared to before. I couldn't take anymore, lack of sleep certainly helped. "you people have nothing on me. Every other day, I'm injecting $125. Without insurance, my drug cost would be about $16,000 a year. Now tell me about your problems."

I know people talk to hear themselves talk and it's always easier to complain than compliment, but I tell ya. It kinda shut people up, though. Nothing like shock value to shut people up.

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