07 January 2008

Par for the course

Monday's are really busy at work. It's just the nature of the business. One of the unattractive things about transverse myelitis and MS is how much of an affect it has on the things that come natural. One of the first symptoms of the myelitis was that I had trouble urinating. See, not attractive. At first I thought it was prostate problems. Today, I had a big glass or orange juice, three 16 oz glasses of water and a pop. By three o'clock, I realized that "Hey . . ." A full bladder and no sensation. Welcome to a day in the life.

Monday's are also another day: shoot myself in the abs day. Iced up the site, alcohol swab, let dry, place Rebiject against skin, apply pressure, push button and then Owwwww. It's tough for me to find places to inject myself. Even though cardio wise, not so much in shape, the rest of me though, rock hard. Except for my stomach. Age certainly does show. I used to have a six pack with side handles, then just a six pack, then a four pack, two pack and then my flat, washboard stomach became and outie. It is what it is.

The January thaw comes a little early this year. It's been a April around here the last couple of days. Even with the cloudy weather, it was nice to have the windows down and the sunroof open. Sometimes the simple things are nice.

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