22 January 2008

"A back, a back, my kingdom for a back"

There's something to be said for my limberness that I can put my socks on while laying on my back. Actually, that's the only way I can put my socks on. Back still hurts, but getting better. It's been bad for 15 years, some times when it goes out, it is bad, others worse, sometimes not bad at all. It's something I've just gotten used to. It hurts sometimes.

I think I'm running into insurance problems that people with MS run into. I decided on Rebif on a Friday, by the next Saturday, the mail order pharmacy was calling to set up a delivery. 1 January 2008, my employer changed insurance providers. Hindsight and all, I should have called earlier, but I called for my refill last Tuesday and gave my new insurance card. Friday . . . still haven't heard anything. Call . . . insurance still hasn't signed off on script. "We'll put a rush order on with the insurance company. Call us Thursday if you haven't heard anything." I run out this Friday.

This is where that strange dichotomy that is my MS comes in: Haven't presented with any symptoms yet I am on an outrageously expensive drug to help prevent any future outbreaks. Want to know how much of a crutch a drug is that hurts like hell to inject is when you are facing not having it. In 99% of my mind it's not that big a deal. I was diagnosed on 10/2 and didn't start injecting until 12/3. If I was under that much risk, I believe the neurologist would have forgone the steroids for the myelitis and started right with the Rebif. Nevertheless, it is still a concern. On the flip side, I'm hoping for one more round of steroids and maybe this time, the myelitis will totally go away or reduce to such a degree that I can actually play volleyball again. If that happens, I go off the Rebif anyway.

Oh ya, last nights shot . . . took my breath away it hurt so bad.

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