11 February 2008

What's in a weak?

No . . . I didn't spell it incorrectly. True, I haven't written in a week, due to the fact that I was feeling rather weak last week. I had that mind splitting headache for 4 straight days. After spending 9 hours in a horriblly lit office and staring at a computer screen, the last thing I wanted to do was write. Also there has been a flu/lung something going around and miraculously enough, I haven't caught it. For those that don't know, one of the downsides of interferon is a weakening of the immune system.

On to a brief rant. In a former life, I had a desire to be an architect. Academicly, I only lasted a year, but the desire and the want was always there. The jobs that I have had have all been good. Working for my father, there's 2 acres of green space, other places had plenty of windows and natural light. When I went to work for my current employer, we were in an office park. There were plenty of windows: the walls were half solid and half glass and the building sat on the shore of a lake. Then in 2006 we moved . . . to a converted warehouse. There are windows, but nobody can see them, no fresh air other then what comes in when someone opens one of the two doors, there's no green space to speak of. Unless you consider the covered over garbage dump in the back. The walls are painted tan and brown and the carpet is burn umber and tan. The cube walls are light brown. There is so much floresent lighting that most people have headaches on a daily basis. As one student in a critique so eloquently put it: If I did that, I would never admit that piece of crap came out of my ass. Whomever did the interior design should be fired and publicly ridiculed as an idiot. If anyone has seen "Office Space" that's what I'm in.

The nurses from MS Lifelines called last week to follow up on how I was doing. While it is nice that they do it, it just adds to the confusion on my part. The nurse asked I was coping and dealing with my MS symptoms. My response was: "I don't have symptoms, I've never presented with any." After a pregnant pause . . . "Oh . . . It's good that your on the medication now because it will certainly reduce any flare ups you may have." No kidding.

That still doesn't help me on this journey to the great unkown. Also to top the week off, the old pharmacy called and said I should be dealing with my current pharmacy insteady of them for the Rebif. NFS. If they would have told me that in the very beginning, I wouldn't have missed an injection and delayed on by 24 hours. Instead, they call two weeks after the script ran out.

This weekend, I had a guys night in and played video games. After doing the dinner thing, I brought out Rock Band and two friends and myself jammed out. As much as we could, but every one had fun. It was good way to forget how crappy the week had been.

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