09 September 2008

"No news is good news; If it bleads it leads . . ."

When there's nothing to report, it's boring. Go back to my recent post of people that say they don't let their disease rule their lives. With any flare up of MS, the treatment is steroids, if the flare up is bad enough. The taper packs that are given to people for skin allergies or poison ivy/oak aren't anywhere near to what I take.

Saturday, as usual my knees felt like exploding and my muscles burned. Nothing to worry about. It happened the last time. Before I ever had steroids, I was told get used to no sleep and that was from somebody on the small doses. It's no joke. I finally fell asleep about 3 in the morning and woke up at 7 and dozed for another 90 minutes. Sunday, pretty much the same thing. Monday, get ready for work which meant buying Red Bull on Sunday.

The cool thing about steroids is that even with the lack of sleep, you're still wide awake. Until you crash which usually happens every couple days. Yesterday was the crash. Now, no sleep on Tuesday or Wednesday, crash on Thursday.

As with the last time, the 80 mg work well. 60 mg starts on Thursday. Does it go back to the way it was or does it stay minimized until the next flare up that won't go away? Time will tell.

Tell me how someone can say that they don't let their disease rule or dictate their lives when they have to face three weeks of no sleep, increased appetite, increase weight?

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