01 September 2008

Selfless or Selfish

I had been thinking about writting this for a while. Yes, it's more of philosophy from Steve. Call it a guilted and jaded view on life, but of those who know me, even though they may not agree with it, they can understand why I would say what I would say.

I tend to believe that we humans are more selfish than selfless. Does selflessness even exist any longer?

I posed this question just the other day with someone I would never have expected to have this conversation with. If someone donates $5 and they feel good about their donation doesn't that make the act one of selfishness as opposed to the person that gives $5 and doesn't care about it afterward?

Does the phrase "Doing something out of the goodness of the heart" even exist any more? Are any acts of kindness done just to do them or are the self-serving? When asked to do something do we say yes without thinking about it or do we consider the issues that lie beneath as something we can use later on.

Something to think about and comment on if one so chooses.

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