05 September 2008

Pass the Juice

Since someone near and dear accused me of being rather lame lately on publishing my posts, how about back to back posts?

I had my six month check up with the neurologist today.These things are always a little apprehensive since you have to divulge every little bit about "How are you feeling?" The sad part of it is besides being on disease modifying drugs, there's not a damn thing they can do for you. The usual treatments for exacerbation's are steroids. Which aren't any joy either. Anybody that has done a taper pack for a skin allergy can kind of equate. People with MS and transverse myelitis get mega-doses.

Since my flare up is probably myelitis, since I don't have the usual tell-tales of an MS flare up, I get to go back on the steroids. Pass the juice, please. My mega-dose is 80 Mg's for 5 days, 60 for 5, 40 for 5, 20 for 5.

Welcome to 20 days of sleepless nights and a case of Red Bull to get me through the mornings for the next three weeks. As much as it sucks having an IV line in for 5 days, I would have rather had the Solumedrol which delivers 1 gram of prednisone in an hour and then done the taper. But I'm not the doctor. Also had a major misconception that you can't be on steroids and interferon at the same time. Evidently, you can.

I will bid everyone goodnight on my final night of a good sleep for a while and if anyone wants to call me, I'll be up. ;-)

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