08 March 2008

National MS Awareness Week

Monday starts National MS Awareness Week. Enter cynicism.

Why do we need just a week? Those of us that have been diagnosed are certainly aware of it every day. Or is this a week to make people that don't have MS aware? What is being aware. Telling people that you have it, does that make them aware? Knowing someone that has it, does that make them aware? In the age of feelings, we have "Awareness" weeks, but what is the purpose?

Yesterday was my 6 month check up at the neurologist. Not much to report. I'm not going to have another round of steroids for the myelitis. I really didn't think I would, but one could always hope. It was basically another interview.

Q. How did you react to the Rebif?
A. Fine, January sucked since I started the full dose. The side affects were controlled by ibuprofen. I had some mood swings, but they went away.

Q. Notice any physical changes? Ever have days where you were exhausted for no reason?
A. Haven't notice anything really. I have energy, just lack of motivation. Winter's not my best time of year. I'm working out again after pulling a muscle in my back.

She did mention a couple things on the horizon. There could be a couple of new drugs in the next two to three years that are in pill form. Also a "new and improved" form of injectibles in the same time as well. They are starting human trials shortly. Hit the National MS web site at http://www.nationalmssociety.org/index.aspx for details.

After about 10 minutes we were done. Told me to come back in 6 months, call her if anything changes or I had questions and go to the lab and have your blood test to check you red and white blood cell count and your liver function. The nurse took two vials of blood and I left knowing I would have a nice bruise in the morning.

I woke up this morning with the worst flare up of the myelitis since the second round of steroids. It's gotten better since the day has progressed. It also brought something else to mind. If there's anyone reading this that knows, let me know.

My employer has instituted mandatory random drug testing. Wednesday was my lucky day. As always when these things happen, they came and got me right after I came back from the bathroom. Fortunately, the myelitis wasn't bad last week and 48 ounces of water and an hour or so later I was done.

The way these things go, an individual has 3 hours from the time they report to fill the cup. If they can't a doctor is called for a medical reason. Obviously I have two dead fire reasons why I may not be able to provide a sample. There's were days that as much as I tried, nothing would flow, for hours. No matter how full my bladder was. There's nothing that hampers performance more than frustration.

If there's anyone out there that's run into a problem, please share. I imagine that if it ever became a problem, I could always throw ADA at them and see where that gets me.

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