19 April 2008

Apathy . . . Ah . . . Who cares.

Yes . . . It's been two weeks since I've written anything about what has been going on. Frankly, as the title suggests, I just really haven't cared to do much of anything. I haven't really worked out in a couple weeks. I changed my workout schedule and it didn't really work. There doesn't seem to be a lot of people who go to the gym that I belong to. Monday is always the busiest day. It' funny that people think going to the gym is going to fix what they did over the weekend. Anyway, I used to go Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. For some reason I kept Saturday and Sunday but changed to Wednesday and Thursday.

Bad idea.

Turns out that I need to get off my ass at the beginning of the week or by the time Wednesday rolls around, I have no motivation to do anything. Last week, I wasn't really motivated to do much of anything. I had every intention of working out on Wednesday, had my truck parked out in front and then came up with every excuse why I wasn't going to go.


I get easily annoyed with blatant stupidity. Understandably, certain situations are excusable. Yesterday, St. Louis was jolted with a 5.2 strength earthquake at 4:37 in the morning. Granted everyone that was aware of was woken up by it. This has been the strongest quake in about 30 years. Granted peoples memories are pretty short, but that doesn't excuse blatant stupidity.

All the earthquakes that have happened in my life, I was either on the road or asleep. This one, I think either my internal warning alarm went off or the the initial shaking woke me up. First thought was that since a rail line is close by, it was a damn heavy train. Except my bed wasn't rattling or vibrating, it was actually moving back and forth. Just to confirm, I turned off my air purifier and didn't hear a train. In typical guy fashion, if it wasn't a train, it had to be an earthquake. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. After about 15 seconds of shaking, it still wasn't over. So I took a pillow put it over my head in case the ceiling fell and did go back to sleep.

Of course, the only topic of conversation at work was the earthquake. Enter the dance of the stupid people. "I didn't know what it was, " "I thought it was the wind," "I thought a truck was passing by," "I didn't find out it was an earthquake until I saw the news."

It just amazes me how people don't use that gray mass of mush under their hair and have to rely on being spoon fed information. I am not the most intellectual of people when I first wake up and especially when it's a sudden wake up, but if I can put 2 & 2 together. . .

There was an MS Walk last weekend and one of the people I work with was kind enough to bring me a care package. Actually, it was what was given out to everyone that walked. Funny enough, it's all stuff from the drug company that makes Rebif, which is what I take. Included was a small backpack with Rebif on it, a bright yellow t-shirt with Rebif on it, a yellow neck cooler with Rebif on it, then pamphlets on how the drug company assists those how have trouble paying the outrageous cost of the drug.

Nothing like free advertising and nothing like advertising you or someone you know has MS. Yes, I am being cynical again.

There's really nothing new to report. The myelitis changes every day and as usual, no signs of MS.

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Anonymous said...

Apathy. It has been a constant companion of late. Strange to think of it in that sense. I think about apathy quite a bit. One could say I "spend more time" with "it" then with friends...enough already! Sleep well all.