27 April 2008

"Maybe It's Just in Your Mind" - A Working Title

Today I am sore.

I know mind over matter is a big thing. Having a positive mental attitude can't keep depression away, but it can make have less of an impact. How does that apply to the physical? Is it possible for a person that is paralyzed to be able to learn to walk again? Of course it is. It happens all the time. I've known a quadraplegic game some use and motor function.

How does that all apply to myself. I've had myelitis for over a year and it's only been since last August since it got bad. Before the steroids and solumedrol any activity just made it worse. Coordination went out the window, physical prowess dropped to close to zero. I thought I was going to not be able to do anything but work out. Not entirely a bad thing, but for someone that would play soccer, tennis, and volleyball all in the same day, it's certainly a change in lifestyle.

Yesterday I played volleyball for about four hours. Two of which wasn't really serious and the other two not quit competative. Aside from a lot of rust, it wasn't bad at all. It didn't seem like I had a loss of speed or coordination or its that my body has just gotten used to what I have to deal with or both. Memory tells you how you used to play but your body forgets. Working out certainly helps, but playing volleyball for so long, my muscle memory is set in its ways.

Afterwards was a little rough. Either the numbness/tingling really makes my feet hurt because of the pounding or I need new shoes. The knees were a little tired. Today I sore, but not as sore as I thought I was going to be.

The rest of last week was just a normal as a week should have been. Three shots, one of which hurt like hell. Forgot to take it of the refrigerator, so it was only out about 15 minutes and I held in my hand for another 10. It hurt enough for me to say "OW" aloud.

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