28 April 2008


In my haste yesterday, I forgot to add something that I wanted to start. Since music is so expressive, can capture a mood, a feeling. I thought I would do my artist of the week. So to speak. Can't say how long it will last but my tastes range far and wide.

This week . . . Leonard Cohen.

Been around for fourty years, but I think his songs are timeless. Three favorate come to mind: Hallelujah, If It Be Your Will, Everybody Knows. Hallelujah has been covered quite a bit, but Jeff Buckley certainly had the best version. It's been featured in movies and TV the last few years. Jason Castro did it this year on American Idol.

The last two were in Pump Up the Volume. Including a cover version of Everybody Knows by Concrete Blonde. Both are equally good in their own respects.

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